Mr Knight from BBC One’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Tariq’s baffling skill has kept millions amused and bewildered for years.

His charming personality, coupled with his passion for magic, has established him as a performer of outstanding repute among television audiences and corporate clients.

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Tariq is available for any sort of function you can conjure up: if you need to add a touch of magic to a special day or create an unforgettable talking point at a conference, Tariq’s performance will do the trick.

Tariq’s adept knowledge of his art allows him to perform all kinds of tricks and illusions: from mix-and-mingle and parlour magic to his highly amusing and thought provoking stage show.

Tariq on Television


The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Take 14 uncoordinated children, chuck them into a castle, give them a magic teacher, two weeks to learn magic, and see who will strive to get voted the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. This magical battle of the sexes sees Tariq mentor his seven-strong team of boys against an equally ambitious team of girls.

Will Tariq have the patience to teach his group of boys, and will he be the teacher with the winning student…?

channel 4


The sketch and magic show that aired on Channel 4 sees Tariq performing his most up-to-date Freaky magic. From milking his nipple, to stripping naked on the streets of Bath for his prediction trick, this show will make you see magic from a new perspective.

Tariq flies across a hotel room like superman, pulls objects out of a television screen, and conjures bespoke items from an empty bag. His electricity-less light bulb routine even takes on a macabre new twist when, after luring his audience to a graveyard, the inexplicably glowing bulb’s explosion is proceeded by the terrifying appearance of the Devil.

It’s not magic… it's Freaky!

virgin media

Playing Tricks

This hidden camera magic comedy show, described as a cross between David Blaine and Trigger Happy TV, sees a team of tricksters hit the streets to baffle and bamboozle the public. The show sees Tariq…

  • Make a person appear from a folded newspaper
  • Miraculously lean at 90 degrees without falling over
  • Turn toilet paper into a tenner
  • Produce household pets from a small wallet
  • Is anyone safe now that the Playing Tricks crew has been unleashed in London?

The popular show was Trouble TV’s highest-rated show the year it was aired and repeats continue to screen on FTN and Challenge TV.

Tariq has appeared on several chat shows.

From competing on BBC’s Celebrity Ready Steady Cook to providing funny interviews for Channel 5’s When Magic Goes Horribly Wrong, Tariq can be seen appearing on numerous magic related TV shows throughout the year.

Book Tariq for your event

Tariq’s magic

Close-up magic is perfect for any function. Mix-and-mingle or magic while guests are seated for dinner are great ways to get people socialising with one another and to impressively entertain guests. Tariq’s close up magic is like no other. Combing psychological techniques, mind-reading, and adept sleight of hand which you can scrutinise to your heart’s content, you will be left wondering just how he read your mind, floated you personal possessions, and even gave you back the watch you thought you were wearing!

Trade Shows

Grabbing people’s attention is a tricky thing to do, especially if you have just seconds to accomplish it. If you would like your company to stand out from the crowd, Tariq can draw a multitude of potential clients to your stand. He will amuse, entertain, get your message across, before introducing your service in a genial, but professional, fashion.

Tariq can incorporate your company logo and message into his sales presentation, and special magic handouts.

Stage Show

If you need to entertain your audience in a short space of time then Tariq’s stage show is ideal. His gripping performance takes on every form of magic and involves audience participation. Psychologically determining thoughts, influencing audience members using awaken hypnosis, pick pocketing his victims as he performs classics of magic.

The show can be tailored for different age groups and time scales.


Tariq has devised two Genius Magic workshops suitable for both schools and businesses.

Similar to his BBC 1 show, Tariq, with the help of his magic buddy Nick Crown, take on groups of 30 people to teach them magic. The course is structured to fit into an appropriate time scale to your day.

See the secrets behind magic: misdirection, hand eye-coordination, and most importantly learn real magic tricks that will never leave you stumped for an ice-breaker again.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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